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A note from the trainers:

Movement is only 1/3 of the puzzle piece. As your new or existing coaches, we have a main message for all of those who are trying to change their physique and/or better their overall health. The happiness and feel good you seek is a mix of Movement, Nutrition, & Regeneration.

Your Nutrition

It is not necessarily the process of eating that causes weight gain, bloating or discomfort, but eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods and drinking too much of the wrong kinds of drinks.

We as your coaches want to guide you less on how much you are consuming & more on WHAT you are consuming. We like to teach you how to focus on foods that make your digestive, hormonal & cardiovascular systems work at optimum level & on fluids that fully hydrate & replenish you.

Weight-loss/Weight Management:

If you want to lose weight & stay that way, you must change the types of food you eat & change them for good. If you want to gain muscle or maintain your current weight while having energy to train and participate in activities, you must consume quality foods with quality ingredients.


Optimum digestion is one of the keys to sustained weight loss and overall health & longevity. More into to follow.


Resting, Recovering, Slowing the mind, connecting with others. Learning, growing, exploring, getting curious, laughing, stretching, envisioning, breathing, practicing being mindful, working on yourself, implementing quality habits, educating others, inspiring others, taking care of yourself, choosing the harder paths, trusting, loving & giving yourself grace.


The problem with aging is the imbalance…. too much decay and not enough rebuilding. Just as an old car and old house needs some tuneups here and there to function, so do our bodies. & unfortunately, our current diet and lack of movement is causing more decay than repair. We need to make lifestyle and behavioral changes and incorporate Movement, Nutrition & Regeneration into our Day to Day lives.


We know what we need to add, but we also must remove/replace some bad with the new. We must remove and avoid the things that are harmful to our health, including over processed diets, chronic stress, toxins, allergens & we need to add in the good stuff, including Whole Foods, the balance of hormones, nutrients, water, clean air, sleep, movement, sunlight, rest community, love, & purpose.

It's a lot of pieces, we know, but that is what we are here for. To be your guide, your resource, your inspiration & your biggest fan along your journey.

- Coach Ben & Kaitlyn

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